Early Detection of Coronavirus with Thermal Imaging Cameras

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis has led to strict measures on public places and businesses alike. With uncertainty around how the Coronavirus spreads and the risk of contracting the infection increases, early detection and isolation of infected people are key for continued business operation.
The early detection of a COVID-19 case and subsequent isolation of that person will greatly assist in preventing the spread of the virus. Screening people in public places and at entry points to premises will allow the detection of elevated temperature and prevent that person from spreading a potential infection further. This in effect also provides peace of mind for the public, businesses and organisations alike as possible causes can be isolated prior to official testing.
What tools can be used to screen and detect Coronavirus symptoms in public areas?

Body Temperature Measurement Cameras

While temperatures of people can be undertaken manually, there is a risk to the official undertaking the test and the potential workload involved. This process can be automated using non-contact Body temperature measurement cameras. The technology uses thermal imaging cameras and advanced analytics to measure the temperature of a person within 0.3 degrees accuracy.

·       Temperature Screening within Public spaces

Temperature Measurement Camera

Positioned at the entrance to a facility, or within public spaces the body temperature measurement camera will quickly and non-invasively screen body temperatures of people entering the space, alerting you to elevated body temperature immediately. The system can alert staff and the person via an audible alarm, allowing them to return home and self-isolate prior to further spread of a possible infection.
The system can measure temperatures of multiple people per second and be deployed in open spaces, Council premises, within building foyers, at entry points to schools, shopping centres or any area with a large flow of people.

·       Temperature Screening at Access Control Point

Temperature Screening Access point

The provision of a detection device at an access control point such as a door or turnstile will effectively restrict entry to anyone who is exhibiting signs of fever through elevated body temperature.
This system incorporates a facial recognition terminal with temperature measurement and can be linked to the access control system. Every person must present their face to the terminal prior to entry, the access control reader will only provide access if their body temperature is recorded within normal levels. This will provide a safer working environment for staff as potential cases are excluded.
A black-list of persons who should not be granted access can also be loaded into the facial recognition terminal. For example, to prevent access to people who have recently travelled or have known contact with confirmed cases of the virus until they have completed their quarantine period.

·       Handheld Thermal Imaging


The Handheld infrared thermal imager combines surface temperature measurement and real-time thermal imaging to detect high temperatures. Portable in nature, it is ideal for use in challenging environments or random testing of employees. The device also includes a Photograph function with SD card storage.
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