Certified Commercial Security Systems

Established in 2003, ADAM Security specialises in delivering state-of-the-art integrated commercial fire and security systems throughout Ireland. Our portfolio covers cutting-edge systems across IP Video Surveillance, Access Control, Fire & Life Safety and Intruder and Duress Alarms.
Business security threats have been plaguing companies of all sizes around the world. As a leading commercial security company in Ireland, we specialise in developing innovative products and solutions that solve customer-specific problems. If you have any specific requirement, we would be more than happy to assist you in whichever way possible.
ADAM Security has extensive experience in executing industrial and commercial security projects. From manufacturing companies to large corporations and schools and colleges, shopping centres and apartment complexes we provide end to end integrated commercial fire and security systems to suit your business or premises.
Years of experience has taught us the imperativeness of keeping updated with the latest commercial security systems to stay protected from all sorts of threats to your business. We supply fire and security system monitoring and maintenance solutions to provide comprehensive commercial systems throughout Ireland.

Our Security Solutions

We have evolved to become one of the most trusted security company in Ireland. With a dedicated team to support us in each endeavour, we are fast emerging as a preferred provider of commercial fire & security systems. Our primary services include:

Fire & Safety Services

We can install a fire alarm system to suit your requirements that will satisfy all of the latest legal requirements and provide long lasting service

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Access Control Solutions

Using the latest range of door control systems we can design a system to give you full control of access throughout your building

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Intruder Alarm Solutions

Using the latest sensors and alarm technology we can design a system that suits you at a price that can’t be beaten

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Maintenance Solutions

We will work with you to decide upon and provide you with a tailormade maintenance plan to suit your exact needs

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CCTV Solutions

Virtual guards vs. traditional human security guards. The cost savings are substantial and a virtual guard is 100% dependable

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Monitoring Solutions

We offer 24 hour alarm monitoring services combined with a range of sophisticated business management systems

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If you have any further requirement, we would be more than happy to serve our customised commercial security systems for your company.
Call us at 01 6206758 or email for security assessment to decide on commercial security systems.


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